O-N Separator (Compact Nitrogen Separator)

95--99.9% of high pure nitrogen gas is separated from the air

Highly reliable method using compact gas separation membrane.

For anti-rust of chiller water

Chemicals free water treatment is realized owing to deoxidization anti-rusting. Adopted to chillers under 500L class.

For nitrogen atmosphere

Best for creating nitrogen atmosphere in optical and medical moldings. Adopted to molding machine below 50 tf.

Driven only by compressed air Low running cost

Need no power supply. Only compressed air at about 0.5 MPa drives the device.

Compact and easy maintenance

Space-saving compact design. Long life separation membrane saves maintenance labor.

Main specifications

Pressure range of supply air0.5--1.0 MPa
Temperature range of supply air5--45 ℃
Upper temperature limit of body80 ℃
Compressed air inletFinger valve Φ10 mm
Nitrogen outletHalf union Φ6 mm
DimensionsW130xD90xH600 mm
Weight6 kg

Anti-rusting effect of deoxidization
Metal pieces in water for 7 days
Untreated (left) / O-N Separator

Prevention of carbonization by nitrogen atmosphere
Under prevailing condition (upper) / With Nitrogen Separator

Variation of production of nitrogen rich gas on purity

Nitrogen purity0.9990.990.980.970.960.95
Production volume (L/min)0.621.602.172.833.504.17
● In case of the pressure of supply air is 0.5 MPa


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