Plas Humid (Humidity Controller)

Static electricity downgrades moldings

Surface of moldings is easily charged with static electricity in dry environment and collects dust, which causes poor appearance or interfusion of foreign matter.

Eliminate static electricity by humidification

Constant and desirable humidity of air is kept irrespective of time and season.

Simple construction with high performance

Water purifier removes impurity and micro organisms in water. Minute mist spray is feed back controlled using moisture sensors.

Flexible constitution

Modules are chosen depending on factory dimensions.

Can be introduced into existing factory

Easy construction and simple maintenance.
Main body (water purifier combined with controlllers) and actual operation

Main specifications

Maximum production of pure water800 L/day
Pure water and supply water inlet0.4--0.6 MPa
Pure water and supply water inletHalf union Φ10 mm
Pressure range of compressed air0.3--1.5 MPa
Compressed air inletHalf union Φ10 mm
Power consumption0.2 kW (in operation) / 0.075 kW (waiting)
Power standard100V 50 / 60Hz
DimensionsW440xD360xH640 mm
Weight35 kg

Image of system set up


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